We benchmark and fine-tune your software sales demonstration based on our two decades of experience observing and analyzing demonstrations. Leveraging our state-of-the-art sales coaching software, we make your software demonstration eNviable.

Our services are based on the principles defined in the top-rated book, How to Demonstrate Software So People Buy It.

All SalesNv’s services involve inventorying of your company’s existing software sales demonstration. We examine every second of your demo, including the following:

  • Pre-demo discovery and planning
  • Attendee qualifications and participation
  • Solving business problems
  • Use of visuals, storytelling, humor, and vocal variety
  • Day-in-the-life-of comparison
  • Business case or return-on-investment
  • Competitive positioning and memorability
  • Post-demo activities


Top producers, in any field, are known to have great coaches. The SalesNv team consists of exceptional software demo coaches.

Provide sales team members with a top-flight software sales coach

Receive on-demand training – salespeople choose their learning time

Deliver coaching in real-life – salespeople see themselves while reading or hearing coaching


SalesNv consultants observe recordings of your sales team’s live software demonstrations.

Based on our findings, we deliver a sales coaching plan designed to achieve measurable and observable results.

Your team members receive unlimited sales demo coaching. Coaching includes individual coaching sessions, participation in sales team demo strategy sessions, motivational emails, and access to your company’s sales demo “video clip” library of best practices.


Unlike traditional sales training, SalesNv training is customized to your software demonstration selling situation. Extensive instructional design, based on your sales team’s needs, produces software demonstration training that is embraced, utilized, and delivers tangible results.

Track results against measurable and observable objectives

Deliver software demo sales training that gets used

Achieve a return on your sales training investment


During a discovery process, we observe live software demonstrations delivered by your top producers, interview appropriate executives and sales team members, and learn the nuances of your selling situation.

Leveraging our extensive experience working with hundreds of software companies, we craft an instructional design plan to match your team’s needs.

Your training is treated as a process, not an event. We lead sales strategy sessions, agree on action items, execute, and then regroup. We repeat this process.

PS. Keynotes – yes, we deliver keynotes, workshops, strategy sessions, or custom whatever as needed.


A playbook is a document of your company’s best demo practices. As an extension of our software demo coaching, SalesNv writes and maintains software demonstration sales playbooks unique to your company.

Deliver a playbook that will leave your sales team wondering what they ever did without it

Drive a distinct, consistent sales process, that sales managers will embrace

Enable everyone to sell like your A-Players and leverage tribal knowledge


When providing demo coaching, SalesNv will document each element of your software demo process to develop a sales playbook.

We begin with a comprehensive editing process to ensure a consensus of best practices. Then we publish the results in an easy-access format, which motivates salespeople to use the playbook.

Playbooks are dynamics, so we ensure you have a methodology to continually update your sales playbook, whether using internal resources or leveraging SalesNv resources.


Our consulting services are delivered by tenured sales execs who possess a successful track record in challenging sales leadership roles. Our sales executive clients turn to SalesNv for objective, outside guidance.

Enable scalability and consistency of your software sales process

Validate and/or fine-tune your sales plan

Create a software demo model that delivers predictable revenue… an “enviable” situation


We have a conversation (or two) about your situation and how our services will add value.

Subject to our conversation, we craft an Agreement Letter that details how SalesNv can assist.

We work together, typically for three to six months, to achieve measurable and observable objectives.