If only half of your sales team members increased their software demonstration-to-close ratio by a factor of just one, it would still have a significant favorable impact on your quarterly bookings.

How can you increase your team’s software demonstration-to-close ratio?

Assume that no matter how good a software demonstration is, it can always get better. With that assumption in mind, consider the following as the goal for all software demonstrations:

In a memorable manner, demonstrate to all qualified decision makers how your software solves their urgent business challenges, is cost justified, and outperforms any other options.

When reviewing past demonstrations and planning for future demonstrations, think through the details of the software demonstration goal…

Have sales reps follow these guidelines.

  • Demonstrate to all decision makers. Be sure they have been properly qualified. Missing just one decision maker can be the cause for losing a sale.
  • Make your software demonstration memorable. In many instances, it may be weeks after the demonstration before prospects meet to discuss their purchase decision. Make sure they remember what you presented and don’t confuse your company with your competitors.
  • Show prospects how your software solves their pressing business problems. Don’t focus on showing them the features and functions of how your software works. The goal is to persuade prospects to buy, not show them your cool software. Be sure to demonstrate to prospects how and why their daily business life will be better when they own your software.
  • Present the business case for purchasing your software. Deliver a return-on-investment or cost justification analysis. Prospects may see it, like it, and want it, but if they can’t afford it, they aren’t buying it.
  • Show how your software is an improvement over the status quo, a smarter option than developing in-house, and a better choice than your competitor’s software. The basic question people ask themselves before they purchase anything is this: is this product/course of action the best option? It is incumbent upon sales reps to answer these questions clearly and specifically to establish why your software is the best option.

Have your sales team adhere to the software demonstration goal and strive to make every software demonstration better than the last demonstration and, whatever the current software demonstration-to-close ratio is, it will get even better!

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