When prospects consider making a significant investment in software, their buying process will take time. Not only will they need to evaluate your software, but they will want to see and compare what the competitors offers. In the end, prospects must decide which software to buy, or whether to buy at all. It can be a daunting and confusing task, particularly as they look back over their notes from the various demonstrations. Make it easier for them to buy from you by delivering a memorable software demonstration.

Here are five ways your sales team members can make their software demonstrations more memorable:

  1. Make it interactive

Demonstrations must be interactive and involve the audience. Demonstrators should ask questions, especially up front, so the presentation can be tailored to their prospects and promote quality conversations. Discuss the prospects’ existing situation, pose challenges, review how they manage those challenges today, and/or ask for their opinions on how things should work. If demonstrating remotely, give control of the mouse to a participant and ask her to enter some information or use an online survey tool to solicit input. If demonstrating in-person, ask her to hold a chart, point to an answer, or write a question, anything to involve her in the demonstration.

  1. Drive home a couple of key points

Restating and demonstrating the importance of a few key points throughout the demonstration will ensure the prospect remembers important competitive advantages. Pick two to four key points – no more – that you want to drive home in the demonstration and continually refer to them. Here are some generic examples: strength of intelligent user interface design, unparalleled implementation process, accurate one-time data entry, or unprecedented data conversion speed.

  1. Reference success stories

Prospects need to know the sales rep has “been there and done that” when it comes to helping companies like theirs. The more the sales rep can reference a satisfied customer who is similar to the prospect, the more persuaded the prospect will become. No one wants to buy from an inexperienced seller.

  1. Provide useful leave behinds

Back at the office or over lunch, prospects will be talking among themselves about the demonstration. To help them remember key selling points, leave behind a hand out of some kind. This may be an evaluation tool, an article to read, a survey to complete, a reference guide, or promotional products (e.g., a desk clock, a puzzle, golf balls) that are designed to support your software’s value proposition.

  1. Use hooks

A “hook” is a statement that causes prospects to perceive your company as one they must consider as they investigate software solutions. Often, hooks are bragging rights you’ve earned. Generic examples include the following:

  • “We’ve been working in this industry for over 15 years.”
  • “Our renewal rate is 95%.”
  • “More of the top firms in the industry use our software than any other software.”
  • “Over 85% of our customers converted from competing systems.”

Memorable software demonstrations win sales! What can you do today to make yours more memorable?

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