Want to improve your team’s software demonstration-to-close ratio?  Ask your salespeople these questions before their next demonstration.


1. Are you presenting to all qualified decision makers?

Two key words here, all and qualified.  When prospects show interest in your software it is so easy for your salespeople to enthusiastically offer to provide a demonstration.  However, they will close more sales, faster, if they first ask, “Who, including yourself, is involved your decision making process?”  And then invest the time to persuade their prospect it is in everyone’s best interest for all decision makers to be in attendance at the demonstration.  It saves them time, gets everyone on the same page, and enables your salespeople to address any concerns and gain consensus among the decision making team.

2. How will you make your demonstration memorable?

Prospects typically get demonstrations from multiple software companies before making a decision to purchase.  These demonstrations take place over time.  A few weeks after seeing your team member’s demonstration, it is easy for prospects to get confused and have conversations that sound like, “I think ScaleSoft is a better option than SoftwareTools because they have the cost averaging feature.  Wait, was it SoftwareTools that had that feature?”  If your salespeople are not delivering their software demonstrations in a memorable manner, they risk your software blending into a fog of software features and functionality in the prospect’s mind.

3. How will our software solve your prospect’s urgent business challenges?

Before delivering a software demonstration, make sure your team members truly understand your prospect’s business landscape.  What are the biggest challenges they face?  What are the consequences if they don’t address those challenges?  Is there a sense of urgency to resolve those challenges?  Can your software help?  If prospects don’t have a sense of urgency to resolve the business challenge that your software solves, it may not be the best use of your team member’s sales minutes to give a software demonstration.

4. How will you justify the cost of our software?

So often prospects see it, like it, want it, but don’t buy because they can’t afford it.  If your team members can’t address the business case, why the prospect will get a return-on-investment, they are not likely to make a sale.  Unless your software is perceived as a necessary cost of doing business, your team members need to be able to show prospects how owning your software far outweighs the cost of purchasing it.

5. How will you explain why our software is better than any other options?

Prospects have options.  They can buy your software, buy from a competitor, develop software in-house, or choose to do nothing.  If your salespeople can’t articulate why buying your software is the best option, don’t expect them to make a sale.  Be cautious here, you don’t want your team badmouthing the competition.  They should be able to present your software’s advantages without disparaging the competition.

Executive Summary

Improve your team’s software demonstration-to-close ratio by asking five questions before every demonstration.  Make sure they are presenting to all qualified decision makers, in a memorable manner, how your software solves prospect’s urgent business challenges, is cost justified, and is better than any other options.

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