We’re a software sales demo consulting firm.

We help software sales teams sell more software with monthly consultative engagements that focus on individualized team training and attaining measurable results. We partner with software executives who believe their software sales demonstration can be more effective. Together, we fine-tune the digital sales process and increase win rates across the board.

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Brian Geery

Founder & Managing Partner

Founder and Managing Partner, Brian Geery provides sales demonstration coaching for companies that sell complex business application software, because weak software demonstrations lose deals.

He helps companies sell more software by strengthening software sales demonstrations.

In the last 25+ years, he’s worked with over 200 tech companies. Many of his clients have grown from the low millions to the high millions.

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Brian Geery’s specialty is working with software companies to improve their demonstration-to-close ratio. Brian knows how to sell software. His high-growth software company clients attest to it.

Brian has a 25 plus year track record working with technology industry sales leaders to fine-tune their sales engines through the development and execution of successful sales strategies. He works alongside his clients (200+) to build scalable sales processes that deliver predictable revenue.

Brian’s strategies for sales success have been published in Selling Power Magazine, Sales & Marketing Management Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and numerous sales publications and blogs. He has been a guest speaker on sales-related television and radio shows, and has been a featured speaker at a multitude of sales conferences. He is the co-author of Buy Me, I’m Worth It! and the editor of the SalesNv Blog.

Prior to his career in consulting, Brian was a top producer in sales, sales management, and branch management at three technology companies over a 10-year period.

During his consulting career, he has served as Vice President of Sales & Service at four technology companies where he built scalable sales organizations from the low millions to the high millions, including one company that doubled sales three years in a row, and was consequently acquired for $360 million in cash.

As a proponent and advocate for the sales profession, Brian has held the following positions:

  • Vice President of the Sales and Marketing Executives Association
  • Vice President of the New England Technology Sales Executives Association
  • Member of the Institute for the Ages Technology Circle
  • President of the Sales and Marketing Toastmasters Association
  • President of a condo association (a momentary lapse in sanity)

Demo Coaches

Our software demo coaches are tenured software sales pros. Collectively, they have sold millions of dollars of complex business application software.

They‘ve personally delivered demonstrations.

They’ve teamed with Sales Engineers, Inside Sales, Software Developers, Marketers, and Executives to create and deliver successful software sales process.

And, most importantly, they’ve been successful sales managers, turning average salespeople into top producers.

Who Benefits?

  • Inside sales – learn how to deliver persuasive and compelling online demonstrations
  • Field sales – learn how to deliver persuasive and compelling demonstrations
  • Sales executives – implement a scalable software sales process
  • CEOs – check the sales department box
  • Sales enablement – deliver the right information in the right format
  • Sales operations – ensure consistency in sales process
  • Sales training – deliver training outcomes
  • Pre-sales engineers – learn a proven methodology
  • Product/software developers – learn what Sales needs
  • Purchasing team members – learn how salespeople think

What Do Demo Coaches Do?

Our typical day consists of

  • Watching demos
  • Thinking about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to selling software
  • Strategizing on how to improve demos with clients and fellow SalesNv consultants
  • Reading relevant books and industry journals
  • Attending and/or speaking at conferences
  • Writing books, sales playbooks, articles, blog posts, and responses to internet inquiries

How Much Does it Cost?

Retainers range between $7,000 to $25,000 per month. Engagement duration averages 3 to 6 months. Clients often leverage SalesNv’s services multiple times over many years.

Our fees are well worth the cost and our results speak for themselves. Each of our engagements is tracked against measurable objectives and performance is monitored and reported on regularly.

All of our fees are guaranteed and engagements are cancelable at any time. We will not take on a client unless we believe we can improve the sales team’s demo-to-close ratio.

What Problems Can We Solve?

Is your demo-to-close ratio lousy?
Does it takes ten or more new prospect demos to close one sale?

Is it taking too many demos to seal the deal 
Does it take 3, 4, or more demos to a single prospect to close a sale?

Is new hire time-to-productivity too long?
Are you missing sales because it’s taking your new hires too long to get up to speed?

Do your demos take forever?
Does it take more than an hour (on average) to complete a demo?

Do you have enough Sales Engineers?
Are your salespeople delaying demos because there are not enough Sales Engineers to go around?

Is your cost per sale too high?
Is the percentage of money you spend on each new sale at or below the industry average?

These are just a few examples of the types of problems we can help you with. To learn more about how we can help you sell more software, click here.


  • Accelyrus Software
  • Alsys
  • Aprisma Management Technologies
  • Arbortext
  • Argonaut Technologies
  • Astea International Software
  • Atalasoft
  • Avistar Systems
  • BeFree Technologies
  • Bisys
  • BreakFree Software
  • Cambridge Technology Partners
  • CenterLine Software
  • Centerstone Software
  • Centric Software
  • CerTek Software
  • ClearForest
  • Cluen Software
  • Comcast
  • Computer Associates
  • Copytalk
  • CTAP Software
  • Cutting Edge Systems
  • Data Systems Network Corp.
  • DocuVantage
  • Drawbase Software
  • Dyntek
  • First Index
  • Genesys Software
  • Gene-Track Systems
  • Genzyme
  • GarrettCom
  • Globe Wireless
  • Gulf Coast Technology
  • Harvard Business Publishing
  • Highwall Technologies
  • HiveFire
  • HP
  • IDS InfoTech
  • Infrastructure Engines
  • Intel
  • Interleaf
  • International Communications
  • Irvine Technology Corp.
  • LogicWorks
  • LPA Software
  • LuxPort Internet
  • MarketSmart Technologies
  • MD Connect
  • Monster
  • NCG Medical Systems
  • NetMarquee
  • Nortel Networks
  • NewBold Software
  • PADS Software
  • PC’s Compleat
  • Persystent
  • Pilgrim Software
  • Politzer & Haney Software
  • Popkin Software
  • PPM 2000
  • Process Software
  • ProspectSmarter
  • PSDI Software
  • Psion
  • PTC Banking Systems
  • Radview Software
  • Relevant Technologies
  • ROI Systems
  • RuleStream
  • SBB
  • Seemage Software
  • ServiceSoft Corp
  • Shiva
  • Sigma Data
  • Spirent
  • Softscape
  • Software Partners/32
  • Sustainable Minds
  • Symbolics
  • Telelogic
  • Tele-Tracking Technologies
  • TekInsight
  • Thomson Investment Software
  • TimeLinx Software
  • Webhire


“SalesNv’s consulting and skill development was the catalyst for establishing our new sales team. The team tripled our sales numbers (in the millions) within a six month period.”

Paul RinguetteVice President, CompUSA

“The on-boarding program instantly increased the results of our new sales organization. The sales playbook developed for us is an exceptional resource that will enable us to continue to build on our success.”

Frank MoriartyNortheast Regional Sales Director, Hewlett Packard(HP)

“Our ability to select top performing salespeople improved dramatically. We can easily model our top performers and enable every team member to achieve measurable increases in productivity. I’m 100% satisfied.”

Michael NeeceVP of Resource Development, International Data Group, Inc. (IDG)

“It is often the best developed and executed sales strategy that wins new sales. SalesNv helped us “programatize” a strategic selling methodology that dramatically increased our winning percentage. The returns far outweigh the investment.”

Ken RubinSenior Vice President, Iron Mountain, Inc.

“The skill development was designed for our unique sales model. Every team member was able to apply the improved sales strategies immediately. The reinforcement enabled us to sustain our improved performance. I’d refer SalesNv to any company that needs to improve their sales effectiveness.”

Beth MagannDirector of North American Sales, Process Software Corporation

“I have hired Brian to train sales staff, and to help me make hiring decisions regarding staff. His knowledge and creativity in applying it are astounding. The only time I’ve ever been disappointed was when I didn’t go to Brian early enough in the process of hiring. Brian is the first person you should call if you are thinking about hiring salespeople or improving your sales process. You are likely to be sorry if you don’t make that call first.”

Bob BarrOwner, Bitdiddle’s Computer Solutions

“I’ve worked with Brian at two separate companies and in each case he produced stellar results. If you have a sales team that needs both strategic and tactical help, SalesNv is your solution. A great talent and great value!”

Steve SnyderEntrepreneur-in-Residence, Gesmer Updegrove

“Brian was a real help to me. He has a polished skill to turn an undisciplined sales approach into a systematic and repeatable process, while maintaining (or adding value to) your brand identity. Brian helped me to identify new salespeople and release those that were never going to adapt and grow.”

Ben DifilippoDirector of Sales, Cutting Edge Systems

“Brian helped us dramatically increase bookings. He reorganized the sales team, updated the compensation strategy, and improved the sales process resulting in an increased average deal size and the signing on some of our largest accounts.”

Tom LitlePresident & CEO, Litle & Co (acquired by Vantiv)

“SalesNv helped us increase sales practically from day one. They refined our selling process so we have more qualified prospects in our sales pipeline, have a shortened sales cycle and increased our close ratio. From presentation of our services and generating a winning engagement agreement all the way through navigating the human side of the sale, SalesNV has, by far, been one of the smartest investments in the agency that I’ve made in 10 years. I’ve utilized SalesNv’s services several times and continue to do so. I would strongly recommend them to any CEO or VP of Sales.”

Bill SchickFounder and CDO, MESH Interactive Agency

“Two employees of Results Consulting Group introduced me to Brian Geery in the 90s, and I have followed his successes since then. At Results, Quota Inc. and now SalesNv, I was impressed with the teams he assembled and the numbers he produced for his clients. A major factor in these successes is Brian’s ability to: identify a challenge or opportunity; create and name a process or methodology that can be replicated effectively by others; build a lean infrastructure; hire, retrain, upgrade and/or expand an existing team when required, and achieve a measurable objective in the defined period of time.”

Ed MurphyOwner, Murphy Associates

Great Demo! Coaching Affiliate

SalesNv is certified Great Demo! Coaching Affiliate. We provide coaching for the Great Demo! methodology.

Great Demo!, authored by Peter Cohan, has sold over 25,000 copies.